Zero to 100 in 30 seconds!

I drive a hybrid and pride myself on getting amazing mileage (52MPG lifetime, baby!). To accomplish this, I drive…well…slow. I go under the speed limit and stay in the right lane. Works for me…I’m a laid back guy who takes life slowly and casually.

But there is one place where I welcome a little high speed action. And that’s in creating products on Zazzle Hdtool! Introducing Quick Product Create!

Yes, now it’s easy to create up to 100 products instantly. Quick Product Create (or QPC) is a simple three step wizard that allows you to create multiple products using selections of related products (all products, dark apparel, paper products, etc.) from the Zazzle Default Products BostonPrep menu, or from one of your own Product Lines that contain matching product templates.

Design for success

The first thing you need is a design you plan to put on many products. Typically, this is in the form of an image (a JPG, GIF, PNG, etc.) Since this one design will be blasted on several products, you should design it with that in mind. Here are some hints:

  • Create the image at the highest resolution you can. Since this image will be placed on several products at differing sizes, it’s best to make sure it’s of sufficient size and quality so it will print properly on most products. Visit our image guidelines page for more information on image resolution.
  • Think about colors. If your design only works on a dark background, you will have to make sure the products you put it on are dark. One trick I’ve seen many contributors do is to outline a design in either black or white. In other words, a design that only works on a white or light background can work on all backgrounds if a white or light outline is added around it.
  • Think about shape. A long rectangular design can look great on many products (full wrap mugs, ties, t-shirts), but may not work well on others (buttons, magnets, stamps). If your design is not suitable for some merchandise, be sure to remove those items from the set of products you publish.

Ok, so I have my design. I’m going to use this “Get outta my grill” image I made a while back.

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